Cheap Places to Go On Holiday In Greece

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For all the water babies out there, Greece is overflowing with thousands of beaches that are calling you out. We certainly expect you to be confused about which island to visit and whether or not there’s some place other than the islands to see. On this wise, we’ve brought you a brief collection of the cheapest places to visit in Greece. Take a look and plan your trip at great travel discounts.


Agistri is a small and gorgeous island where you can get all that you want at considerably cheaper rates. You can get to this place in just 1 hour by ferry from Athens, the capital city. You will come across a lot of Athenians here from whom you can get any information if you want. Explore restaurants, beaches, taverns, bars, and a lot of other places while using travel offers from websites.


Kythnos is another cheap place to go in Greece, containing around 70 beaches and hundreds of white houses. You can get away from your daily life and hide here to get some peace of mind. It’s not much popular among tourists, which is why this place is a lot cheaper than the rest of the islands in Greece. You can go and check out the Dryopida Village, Messaria Village, Katafiki Cave and other mesmerizing attractions.


If you want to witness the real culture and Greek traditions, Tinos is the best island in Greece. It’s a very small place will beautiful hills, beaches and historical sites. You can also visit the Museum of Marble Crafts, the Church of Panagia Evangelistria, and more. To get the most authentic vibe of the country, you should check out Pyrgos, the largest village on the island. Pick the best stays in the hotels on this island and spend a culturally rich and peaceful holiday. 

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