5 must visit restaurants in europe for foodies!

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Europe is a home to many beautiful cities, and within those cities lie incredible hidden treasures for all, and we aren’t just talking about the beautiful sceneries or terrific hotspots for tourists here. No, this blog is purely based upon restaurant’s as the title might have suggested. You can find entire guides on which cities to visit while travelling to Europe and even find entire itineraries based upon the most popular hotspots of Europe. But restaurants to dine, people don’t really pay heed to that and personally as a food lover I find that kind of disappointing. So, with this thought in mind an idea popped on writing about the most popular places to dine in at Europe and here we are. Scroll below to check out five amazing places every food lover should visit on their trip to Europe.

Frantzen, Sweden

To start of the list with a bang mentioning the restaurant frantzen located in Stockholm, Sweden was a must, and why you may ask? Because, this place is not only the home to one of the most popular chefs in Europe Bjorn Frantzen. But, is also among the list of Michelin restaurant guide of 2020, and honestly speaking the place deserves to be on the list. The restaurant is a bit expensive, but when you taste the food you will forget about the money because, for that acquired taste to be presented in a bowl at your table its money well spent. Plus, talk about a tourist hotspot this place is even more famous due to the amazing architecture, and the spectacular ambiance of the restaurant.

Alchemist, Denmark

If you love eating your dinner in a brisk old yet modernized place, with a gore menu, and a show then the alchemist restaurant in Denmark is the perfect place for you to be at. Chef Rasmus Munk is the brain behind the restaurant, and is also the guy that served the unique lamb brain covered in cherry sauce that blew up on the internet. When you visit this place don’t worry not only would your taste buds be satisfied but your thirst for something new would be fulfilled as well because as of 2021 this place is among the list of most modernized restaurants to visit when looking to bite in at some stunning holistic cuisines.

Lido 84, Italy

Beautiful ambiance, a gaze into lush greenery and a spectacular lake when you look outside the window, and breathtaking dishes presented to you on a plate with heartfelt creativity. Lido 84 is by far the most favorite one among the list of restaurants for a food lover, why? Because, not only is it a one-star Michelin restaurant but is also one of the places where one can eat at sensible cost, and get their buzz on at the same time. At lido 84 you can better hold on to your seats because the wine and the fresh sea food is sure to knock you off them in a heartbeat.

Victor’s Fine Dining by Christian Bau, Germany

Now, this one is well more of a restaurant that’s not for all sure, if you’re looking for a fancy place to have a date with your loved one then go ahead. But if you’re looking to satisfy your hunger as well as your craving to eat in a unique place then alchemist is a better option then this place on so many levels. But alas, on your food lovers’ trip to Europe, Germany is a spot that you absolutely cannot miss out on and since this place is a Michelin restaurant as well visiting it wouldn’t hurt. Plus, it’s not that expensive so don’t worry your meal would still be under a budget. As for describing the restaurant well all there is to say about this place is that its for fine dining.

Régis et Jacques Marcon, France

France, the city of love and amazing cuisines. Regis et Jacques Marcon is one of the most favorable one on the list especially if your trip is during the autumn season. The restaurant has got a great old castle like vibe going on with its architecture, and the food well let’s just say that food is to die for figuratively speaking here. Everything is selected from nature, it’s always fresh, the ambience matches perfectly with the chilly weather and the summer vibes and the best part of all the place is like a vegan haven. Yeah! You heard right, a vegan haven so all of you that want to chomp down on some nature friendly spectacular dishes now is the time and this restaurant is the place to do it. So, don’t miss out this one on your trip to Europe. 

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