Cheap Places to go on Holiday in Italy

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If you have a knack for intricate architecture and places with rich history, then your urge to go to Italy is understandable! You cannot get enough of this amazingly gorgeous Country! In peak summer months, Italy is crowded and expensive as well! So, it's better to visit Italy in February because then you'd be able to absorb its beauty in its full glory! Plus, around that time, you'd also see some of the best travel deals to help you travel without splurging much! Read this blog to know more about the places you can visit in Italy without paying an arm and a leg!


If you are a beach baby and all you yearn for is a gorgeous beach holiday, then you have got to visit Puglia. There’s so much this place has to offer you! Beyond its beaches, you get to experience its amazing coastlines, small towns, delicious food (pasta), and wine! Finding a gorgeous hotel and spa is also a cakewalk in Puglia.


A small region bordering Puglia, Campania and Calabria, Basilicata is an under-the-radar destination for most travellers. This peaceful small town will help you escape daily stress and rediscover beauty in its true sense. This is a land made special by its small silent villages rich in history, unspoilt places and enchanting beaches. Explore its unique variety of landscapes, including national parks, forests, beautiful lunar-looking landscapes, and the legendary Sassi di Matera.


Next up, we have Molise! This beautiful land of southern Italy is filled with old towns, wild nature and white beaches. There are a bunch of places to go in Molise to feed your wanderlust, like termoli, The Montedimezzo, Campitello Matese and more! Molise was officially born in 1963. However, the history of its places, cities and monuments are ancient and millenary and deserves recognition and appreciation. Plus, Molise will be pretty easy on your wallet too! So, what are you waiting for? Buckle up to travel to the most amazingly cheap places in Italy!

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