Cheap Places to Go on Holiday in UK!

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A staycation means that you can continue having an adventure. When it comes to vacations or getting away for the weekend in the UK, only some of the locations are made equal. Hotels, activities, and eating out can cost a fortune in certain regions; foods and beverages can also be extremely expensive. We have compiled a list of the three most affordable places to visit in the UK to help those on a tight budget. Each location is unique in many ways, and your money will be spent more effectively if you visit multiple places is merely a bonus. And if you want more discounts on your air ticket, you can visit any trusted coupon sites like the Top Vouchers Code and stay within your budget.

North Tyneside 

North Tyneside is home to a wide variety of attractions, including trampoline parks, soft play areas, museums, and parks, among other things. You can take surfing lessons, embark on a kayak safari, taste ice cream and fish and chips that have won awards, play on beaches that have been awarded the Blue Flag, or visit Newcastle for the day. There are a number of shopping centres in the area, with Silverlink being the biggest. It features a variety of stores, some of which are Next, Marks and Spencer, Boots, Sports Direct, and many others. 


Pembrokeshire, which is in South Wales, has the best beaches in the UK that need to get more attention. You can choose from a huge list of activities to keep the children engaged and lovely trails for people passionate about nature. In the summer, the brightly coloured houses on the cliffside and the nice promenade along the beach make this the perfect place to spend the weekend. Pembrokeshire is thought to be the most popular place along the coast in all of Wales. Pembrokeshire is home to an impressive number of beautiful beaches, making it the ideal place to visit.

The Lake District 

The Lake District is another great place to go in the UK if you're looking for a budgeted getaway in the middle of nature that won't break the bank. This amazing place has a lot to offer, and because it covers such a large area, you won't have any trouble finding cheap places to stay anywhere in the area. Spend your vacation with your family doing fun things like white-water rafting, biking, and kayaking. 

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