Cheap Places to Go on Holiday in January

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With all the fun of celebratory seasons in the rearview mirror, January brings a whole new year to fulfil promises, make memories and explore the world's beauty. It is one of the cheapest months of the year for travelling, and frequent travellers already know that. So, to get started, check out our list of places to go for your next January adventure and kick off your new year with a bang!

San Diego, California

San Diego’s beautiful scenes and consistent climate make it one of the most beautiful and must-visit destinations for midwinter. Even in the middle of the winter, you can still enjoy the ocean life that the city is famous for. In January, airline tickets and hotels in California cost way less than in other months. You can soak up the sun, plan visits to the city’s art galleries and taste mouthwatering local restaurants serving up Cali Baja cuisine.

Cancun, Mexico

If sitting on the white sand and watching the warm blue waves with coconut water in your hands is what you dream about, then Cancun, Mexico trip can bring that to life. Its beauty draws tons of tourists in January, but with the sheer amount of resorts and hotels available, you can easily get yours for the lowest rates possible. Else, travel agencies are always available to bring you airplane ticket and travel packages for less.

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Sometimes major cities come out as a surprise with tons of cheap deals on everything you dreamed of for a great getaway. Same is the case with Philadelphia. Places like the Liberty Bell and Independence Hall are free, and its iconic food cheesesteak is quite affordable. The cherry on top, you’ll witness hotels dropping their prices in the blustery winter month. So, chances are that travel websites might have tons of cheap ticket options for you to choose from.

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