Shirts to Protect You Against Sun Damage

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We often find ourselves in the sun and slathering sunscreens all over the torso to ward off the UV rays. But when sunscreen won’t do the work, or you just don’t feel like lathering up every 30 minutes, sun-protective clothing come to the rescue. These clothes haven’t always been of interest to the style-savvy. However, many have made sun shirts a staple of their wardrobe after coming across the reality that the sun gives us cancer. And we all are tired of getting sunburned through the standard shirts.

Thankfully, the market for lightweight sun shirts is expanding, and big brands offer their own take on sun-protective clothing. They also make for a great addition to anyone’s outdoor kit. Jotted down are a few sun-protective clothes that might interest you.

Solarfoil UPF Hoodie

What’s not to love about solarfoil UPF hoodies? One of the many great reasons why this piece of sun-protective clothing nabbed the top spot in our guide is the endless variety it comes with. They are easy to pack down, reasonably priced, have effective UPF protection, and are available in endless sizes. Whether you want it for daily wear or for rafting trips where there’s essentially no shade to cover for days. The solarfoil UPF hoodies can perfectly be used for a variety of outdoor activities.

Cool Dri Tee

Practical and affordable, the Cool Dri tee can do the trick. They are built to provide optimum comfort with innovative technologies to give you the looks that fit your life. And if you’re really concerned with how it’s going to look after a few trips to the beach or lake. Rest assured, these UPF shirts are meant to last for years without losing their look. On top of all, they come in long and short sleeves and several colours.

Sun Shade Technical Hoodie

If outdoor adventures are more of your thing, then sun shade technical hoodies are what you need. Soft, effective, a button to cover the face with a hood and a corrosion-free chest zipper makes it a perfect addition for those after style and sun protection. Moreover, they are too comfortable and low-profile to ignore for this guide.

PFG Button-down Shirts

Well-ventilated, lightweight with many pocket arrangements to choose from, it’s no surprise to say why this shirt has made it to our sun clothing list. They are comfortable and subtle enough to be worn just about everywhere. And if you’re into fishing, then their lightweight technology makes them ideal shirts for the field.

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