Sexy Lingerie for Curvy Women; A Guide

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Isn’t it amazing how well-fitted underneath wear can make or break your entire look? The sense of freedom and self-confidence that comes from wearing lingerie that fits and flatter perfectly is beyond explanation. And let’s admit the fact that our wardrobes crave stylish lingerie updates every now and then. Spicing things up a little by slipping into something more sensual and sexier is no less than a treat for all ladies out there.

Needless to say, that having access to a selection of saucy styles is an absolute must. However, what troubles us here is the unavailability of sizes and styles as there are lesser shops that stock certain styles, usually the prettiest ones beyond a certain size. This kind of thing makes women with big busts settle with something simpler and less fancy. Well, understanding the concerns of curvy women for sexy lingerie, in this blog, we are putting a few very beautiful underneath wear with a couple of tips to help chubby women flaunt those killer curves in style.

Balcony Bra

Just like dresses and shoes, a woman can never have too many bras. And a balcony bra surely owns a place in your drawer. Lightly padded cups with adjustable straps, this beautiful piece is expertly developed for curvy women with bigger boobs. Luckily, these balcony bras come with endless possibilities and sizes. For a complete style statement, coordination is key. Pair it with matching knickers or briefs.

Tip: Make sure you buy the right size lingerie. If it has been a while since you last got measured, we highly recommend you measure it before heading for shopping. If your bra is making you feel a bit snug on the back or cups are too tight, it's highly likely that you might be wearing the wrong size. So, check your shape and size now!

Basques and Bustiers

For those special occasions and memorable moments of passion, Basques and Bustiers can get you all fired up and flirty. And take our words, it's guaranteed to bring the wow factor and capture his attention. The sheer layers of lace and glossy embroidery over it, detailed with peek boo cutouts and sparkling straps, will give you a look you desire. Moreover, if you feel insecure about your stomach, you can conceal the area by popping into basques or bustiers.

Tip: when we talk about fashion, colours surely plays a vital role. After all, we all are familiar with the phrase “that’s just not my colour”. We all have used it uncountable times, so think twice for lingerie because it's no exception to the rule. Before purchasing, ask yourself how you’ll feel wearing that colour first!


Thankfully, you’ll find plenty of styles and colours in knickers for curvy women. From Brazilian knickers or bikini briefs to plus size thongs, finding a perfect pair wouldn’t be harder. With countless options available out there, you won’t be searching for another way to turn up the heat. Not only they are stylish, but they fit well and promise you the look you crave for.

Tip: choose the lingerie that will complement your body shape. Nobody, only you, have the authority to tell yourself what you should and should not wear. So, if the thongs or bikini briefs makes you feel good and comfortable, then go for it!

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