5 Eccentric Spa Treatments to Leave You Startled!

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Have you already booked the slot for your next spa day? Is it that exotic salon from your bucket list or you’re setting off on an entire spa break for the weekend? Well, there are hundreds of options you can pick from to get it all set for your next pampering session. However, there might be some that you haven’t yet heard about! Apparently, there are some astonishing types of spa treatments offered in different places around the world that will totally blow your mind away. A little weird and a little awesome; these treatments are the perfect combos to leave you open-mouthed! Here you go.  

The Ramen Spa

We all know Ramen Noodles are the perfect snacks for a midnight hunger strike but who knew that you could bathe in them as well! Yes, there actually exists a Ramen Noodles Spa Treatment. The Yunessun Spa Resort in Hakone, Japan offers this unusual relaxing bath to its customers. Those who opt for it are required to sit in a gigantic pepper-flavoured ramen bowl filled with the pork broth. The collagen in the pork broth contributes to a healthier skin and faster metabolism. As your flavoured bathing session will come to a halt, you’ll leave the bowl with a glowing and moisturized skin.

The Hay Bath

Laying on the grass under a starry sky is always fascinating! But, does laying UNDER the grass feels the same? You can find it out by trying out the Hay Bath offered by Hotel Heubad, Northern Italy. This fantastic hotel invites its guests to lie down all covered in hay for 20 minutes. After 20 minutes, they lie down on a water bed for 30 more minutes. Since 1903, this spa treatment is given in the local area and is known to have amazing and long lasting health effects. From sleep disorders to arthritis, and physiological exhaustion to digestive issues, a little dip in the hay can do wonders for all.

Chocolate Fondue Bath

Who doesn’t love Hershey’s finger licking chocolates! On that note, Hotel Hershey can surely make you fall even harder for chocolates by literally pouring it over you. Here, they offer you an enticing chocolate fondue bath where you are fully covered in chocolate fondue. Then, your body is wrapped up in a blanket to exaggerate the effects of cocoa. In general, chocolate is believed to hold some great antioxidants that fight free radicals, protect your skin from UV rays and increase blood flow. Considering all these stupefying boons, this sweet cocoa cleansing is definitely not a bad idea at all!

The Sake Bath

Wines always lit up our faces! But this time, they’re going to lit up your bodies as well. You can call it a wine bath or a Sake Bath which is its actual name. The Greenwich Hotel in New York has an inbuilt luxurious Japanese spa called the Shibui Spa. Here, they make their customers soak in a large tub full of fermented rice wine. Due to fermentation, the sake is loaded with anti-ageing elements, Kojic acid, amino acids and a hoard of enzymes. All of them work to lessen the pigmentation on your skin, and leave it all moisturized and hydrated.

Bird Poop Facial

Is it too disgusting for you to scratch away the dried bird poo from the back of your t-shirt? Well, what would you say to applying it to your face then? According to the traditional Japanese treatments, Nightingale’s excrement can make your skin glimmer like never before. Apart from the local Japanese spa and salons, The Shizuka New York Salon also offer this extravagant treatment. During the treatment, the skin is first softened through steam after which a cream is applied. Then the poop is mixed with rice bran and applied to the face. A few minutes later, it is wiped off and the facial ends with a green tea mask. Though this treatment would be a bit stinky, it’s worth all the benefits that shows up later on your face!    

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