Brands You Can Count on for Eco-Friendly Sneakers

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Perfect for running errands, hitting on weekend adventures and casual days at the office, sneakers are more than just functional footwear. With more than 23 billion pairs of sneakers manufactured every year, the growth of the sneaker industry shows no signs of slowing. When talking about the past, very few shoppers give a little thought to exactly how the shoes they bought were made, but that is no longer the case. In searching for trendsetting style options that are truly unique and groundbreaking, sustainability is an addition to it.

The shoppers of today expect products made responsibly and look forward to making better and sustainable choices. So, if you’re an eco-conscious shopper and planning to invest in a really cool pair of sneakers, then we hear you. This blog showcases a list of brands using eco-friendly materials and more sustainable production methods to make sneakers. Take a look!


Cariuma’s sneakers hold an old-school look but with modern comfort. This hyper sustainable sneaker brand focuses on sustainability and continuously sets the benchmark for eco-conscious fashion. The brand utilizes recycled premium materials, including fair-trade cotton, natural rubber from trees and leather from gold-rated tanneries. Its iconic IBI shoe is crafted using techniques and materials that minimize waste, energy and carbon dioxide emissions. This pair of sneakers is so light and have a generous amount of memory foam so that you can wear them easily all day long.

Adidas & Parley

Adidas has been the most vocal about its sustainability efforts. And we all are well aware of its biggest collaboration with the environmental organization Parley for the Oceans. In 2015, they both teamed up for the first time with a sneaker. It was yarn made from recycled ocean plastic and illegal deep-sea gill nets. Today, you’ll find half of Adidas products made with recycled materials, from running sneakers like Ultra Boost to outdoor shoes like the Terrex Two. You’ll never leave their website disappointed.

Nothing New

Nothing new sneakers are only made with recycled materials and aimed to impact the planet positively. The upper shoe part is 100% recycled plastic, while its other components are made from recycled rubber, cork, cotton and fishing nets. Being the main spot for eco-friendly shoes, sustainability is at the very core of this brand. Furthermore, this amazing brand offers $20% discount on new pairs to those who give back their used sneakers. They donate or break them down and put the materials back into their recycled supply chain.

Reebok Cotton + Corn Sneakers

NPC UK sneakers were the first pair launched in the Reebok cotton + corn sneakers collection. Their sneakers featured 100% cotton upper, a sole derived from corn and insoles made from castor bean oil. Now they are continuing vegan shoes with the corn + cotton slip-on, a casual sneaker. Using 100% free of any animal products or materials, their entire collection is the best example of its commitment to producing more carefully. All their classic vegan shoes are proof that you can have your principles and fresh-forever kicks both.

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