Top 5 Striking Fashion Innovations from Met Gala 2021

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The Met Gala is one of the wildest events in the fashion world! Despite being amid a global pandemic, 2021 didn’t leave any stone unturned in bringing us the best event of the year yet again. This year, the Met Gala theme celebrated the American designers and gave the nod to different political, cultural and social affairs that happened during the pandemic. The creativity and quirk could be seen everywhere on the red carpet, with celebrities and fashionistas twirling around in their wacky outfits. We’ve brought you 5 of the most peculiar costumes from the evening that really caught everyone’s eyes (including the internet)! Here’s the list.


X3 Gold Ensembles from Versace – Lil Nas X

Lil Nas X, the fantastic American Rapper, decided to glitter unceasingly in not just one or two, but three separate ensembles from Versace! The singer was lidded in magnificent outfits, one under the other, which he revealed step by step to mesmerize everyone around. He wore a regal golden robe on top made up of velvet with gold beading done over it. He took it off to bring out the gold armour suit from under, made entirely of gold. Lastly, he revealed a bodysuit from under the armour that was completely covered in Swarovski crystals and Versace’s signature print. 

All Dark & Black from Balenciaga – Kim Kardashian

Well, Kim Kardashian undoubtedly stole the show away with her total blacked out outfit! Making an entrance in a sleek black head-to-toe dress, she left everybody stunned with her gala look. The all-black gown & train with a matching black mask was from Balenciaga. She completed the look with the cult knife boots from the same brand. You can call this outfit undeniably the most mysterious of all from the evening! 

“Equal Right” Ensemble by Antonios Couture - Carolyn B. Maloney

Carolyn B. Maloney wore a drop-dead gorgeous ensemble which was just on point for all the right reasons! The congresswoman rocked a floor-length gown by Antonios Couture that endorsed “equal rights for women” and ERA. Highlighting the suffragette movement, the dress was made in purple, gold, and white, all of which were symbolic hues of the very movement. It was a bold and fab and outfit that stood firm for a lot more than just glamour!

Powerful Blue Outfit by JW Anderson + Cartier - Dan Levy

Dan Levy made a spectacular statement at the Met Gala 2021 with a powerful message hidden in his costume in favour of the LGBTQ+ community. He was one of those celebrities who decided to highlight a social issue through their outfit. Levy put on a blue costume by Loewe’s Jonathan Anderson and Cartier. It looked like a globe, but if you take a closer look, you’ll figure two men utterly in love with each other. With puffed dramatic sleeves, pastel hues of blues and greens and uncountable Cartier diamonds, Dan’s look is worth obsessing over!

The Embellishment Look by Bode - Lorde

Lorde arrived at the Met Gala in a ravishing avatar, wearing a two-piece ensemble by Bode. The custom-made costume was made up of white silk with a heap of embellishment all over it. From embroidery to beads and buttons to beaten copper, the dress had it all. In accordance with Lorde’s new album release called Solar Power, she also wore a dazzling headpiece with three little suns orbiting around her head. Apart from all the fashion and glamour, the designers aimed to embellish with repurposed and recycled antique pieces to highlight a cause!  

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