5 Extravagant Cosmetic Products in the World that Cost a Fortune!

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Have you ever dropped the idea of buying that super pretty lipstick because it was too costly? We’ve all been there! That eyeshadow palette at Sephora or that bronzer in a cute container at MAC; we wanted to grab it all but it all seemed to be gigantically expensive. Perhaps, it would all have looked a little less costly if we would have known about the whopping prices of some of the most exquisite cosmetics in the world! You might be aware of the high-end beauty and make-up brands from around the world but you might not know about the crazy prices they’ve actually set for some specific products in their racks. Well, hold up your jaws because they might drop down after you go through this interesting list of the most expensive beauty essentials and cosmetic items from around the globe!

H. Couture Beauty Mascara-Lipstick Combo

This one has a whole story behind it! H. Couture Beauty is an extravagant cosmetic brand that initially came up with an unbelievable combo of mascara and lipstick. The cost of mascara was $589 and that of the lipstick was $150. The combo was bedecked with 1000 Swarovski crystals and 18K gold.

Surprisingly, a well-heeled woman from Vegas wanted more! She got in touch with the owner of the brand and asked for a customized combo replacing the crystals with diamonds. And so, the brand came up with a personalized set that’s enough to blow your mind away. The casings are made up of 18K gold where that of the mascara has 2500 blue diamonds and that of the lipstick has 1200 pink diamonds! With that, the brand gives a 24/7 concierge service and unlimited refills. The set costs around $14million!     

Azature Black Diamond Nail Polish

What would you do if you had a quarter-million dollars? Well, some Richie Richs around the world buy a bottle of nail polish with it! You read that right! We have a nail polish in this list that costs a quarter of a million dollars and it is by far the most expensive nail paint in the world. It’s the Black Diamond Nail Polish from Azature! The lacquer is infused with 267 carats of black diamonds that will set smooth on your nails in a single coat. So, if you really want to spend $250,000 and can’t think of anything else, simply go for a black diamond manicure!  

Guerlain kiss kiss lipstick

Guerlain is an incredibly popular and old French brand that decided to bring in a ridiculously expensive lipstick in the market. And not so surprisingly, the wealthy ones were quite in awe of it when it was launched. The brand calls it the KissKiss lipstick which has a tube made up of 18K gold. Besides that, the tube is embellished with 199 diamonds along with emeralds and rubies to add up in the gleam. This sensational lipstick comes with a price tag of $62,000. Oh, and if you decide to buy this one, the company’s artistic director will personally attend to you and will provide you with any customized shade you want.

Kre-at-Beauty Gold and Diamond Eyelashes

Seems like Kre-at-Beauty wasn’t satisfied with the shimmer an eyeshadow can provide you! This brand that is exclusively dedicated to manufacturing fake eyelashes is definitely either too much in love with them or they’re simply crazy. Because, they literally produced Gold and Diamond Eyelashes that had 18K gold in them. These lashes cost a hefty amount of $1,350 and make you look the classiest and certainly the one to whom all the heads will turn. Just imagine people staring at you and you’ll be there blinking away gold and diamonds!

La Prairie Skin Caviar Concealer Foundation

Presenting you the most expensive foundation in the world, I would introduce you to the Skin Caviar Concealer Foundation by La Prairie! This foundation will cost you $265 and comes infused with caviar extracts which make the price worthwhile. The product has 15 shades and comes with a concealer at the top lid, concealer brush, sponge, and a magnifying mirror. The formula of this foundation keeps your skin hydrated, gives you a dewy finish, protects you against sunrays with SPF 15, and shields your skin from aging. Well, considering all these benefits, the product is surely worth giving a try!   

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