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Valentine’s Day is probably the sweetest day of the year, it’s a day of love, a day to show affection and kindness, and a day to show appreciation towards your significant other and tell them no wait! Show them how much their presence is important. But, in the midst of celebrating Valentine’s Day often times we forget about the fact that this isn’t only a day for the adults but is also a fun occasion for the kids.

Hanging out with your significant other is fun and all but as parent’s spending time with the kids is also important. So, we thought this time around why not talk about activities that both parents and kids can enjoy, and the result of that thought created this amazing Valentine’s Day Craft Ideas. Below we have mentioned certain crafts that you and your little one can enjoy making so, without further ado let’s start reading.

Fingerprint Heart Canvas

Valentine’s Day offers a chance for the little ones to show their appreciation towards parents, aunts, and grandparents. And a fingerprint heart canvas is definitely the right way to do so, all they need to create this canvas is their tiny little adorable thumbs, some color and a canvas. This gift can be way precious than one think the receiver can put it up on a mantle or a table and can reminisce while looking at this gift about the kids when they were young.

A Cupid’s Arrow Craft

Nothing and we mean absolutely nothing can be easier, and dear than a child’s cupid arrow craft. From Topvoucherscode you can get your hand on the crafting material for the arrow, and help the little one to assemble it, the arrow can be used as a bookmark or even a décor piece. Well that’s up to you to decide but all we can say about it is that It would look absolutely cute.

Heart Art Painting

Crafting Valentine’s Day Ideas are a fun way to pass the time, but they’re even more fun when the toddler gets to play with colors and paints. The heart art painting would be a big hit among the toddlers and would also become an adorable gift for parents to showcase in their home as a piece of art. There are plenty of similar topics like this covered in bestof11 so if you’re having doubts about this then why not check them out for more details.

Heart Sun Catcher

Red roses for Valentine’s Day kind of seem cliché now because toddlers have created a new and improved sun catcher for their loved ones. If your little one loves to dabble with sparkly things, and is creative then prompting them to create a sun catcher would truly light their faces with a smile. This is a craft that can’t go wrong, and no matter how your toddler creates it this sun catcher would always look fabulous!

Heart Shaped Conversation Caterpillar

Caterpillar shaped crafts are always popular among toddlers especially when they got cute little conversational stickers attached as their body. And we’re not saying that it should be a caterpillar, get some heart shaped stickers with conversation on them for your toddler, and let them decide on what they want to create maybe it would be a caterpillar or maybe it would be something else in the end adorable it will be!

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