Astounding Kitchen Design Trends For 2021

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Whether you want to refresh your mundane kitchen cabinets or transform them altogether, a great kitchen layout combines many elements – cabinets, worktops, appliances and so forth. Looking back at 2020, its safe to safe that it was the ‘living kitchen’ year, where function, technology and aesthetics combined make day-to-day life a bit hassle-free, but the real question is, what’s in store for 2021 and beyond? So, if you’re eager to know that, keep scrolling and let’s find out together!

This year, the humble kitchen is reinventing itself. Today, the modern and chic kitchen is where we prep up and enjoy our hot meals. It has also taken in the role of being a social venue; the kitchen's primary role is now for socializing rather than cooking. Be it your office zoom meeting or catching up with friends over FaceTime. Every nook and cranny of your kitchen needs some extra love, which is why we have articulated this blog with thoughtfulness to help you revamp your new kitchen!

Here are the top kitchen trends for this year; from colour to design and surface choices to layout, planning your dream kitchen starts here!

The Painted Kitchen

A very realistic approach in the making of a modern kitchen is, of course, Painted furniture! It offers a new lease of life to the kitchen cabinet and presents a modern take on a more traditional look and finish. When combined with authentic raw materials like concrete and marble, it creates a durable kitchen environment that is chic and classic in nature yet traditional in finish. A hand-painted kitchen can be sanded down and re-painted in a new colour of your preference, a great way to refurbish your kitchen without even splurging money.


From ash white and ivory to taupe and grey, calming neutrals are still everyone’s go-to picks! Tonal and muted colours paired with tactile materials, such as rattan, wood, wicker and stone, can create a warming and serene look. One of the most prominent trends to expect this year in kitchens is Neutrals, a soothing trend of cool times and earthy colours that create a relaxing atmosphere.

Practical Storage

When revamping a kitchen, you cannot forget about how vital storage is! It is and will continue to be a big part of the kitchen space, especially hidden storage solutions. Essential for a streamlined finish, storage systems widen space without negatively impacting your kitchen's whole look and style. A lot of kitchen making companies has seen a rise in demand for clever kitchen storage solutions, including massive butler type units that hark back to more contemporary times, but of course, they have been modernized to get the job done without compromising the look!

Green Is The Colour for The Year

This year, its all about the colour green! Be it fashion, cars or kitchen for that matter! Sage green defines the contemporary kitchen, while stronger, more traditional tones like bottle green will enrich classical kitchen schemes. You should incorporate green in your kitchen to bring the outside in, create a connection with nature from the comfort of your own home, and benefit your mental health and wellness.

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