Ideas to Give your Home A New Lease of Life!

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With the summer sunshine lighting every corner of the home and temperature soaring high, this time of the year definitely calls for livening things up a little. Our homes are more than just a place where we return to eat, relax and unwind. They are our sanctuaries which is perhaps one of the reasons why we should decorate it our way.

As the season changes, home trends change too. And this summer season, it’s all about pretty pastels and eye-catching geometric patterns. We’re turning to all colours summery and soothing patterns that will help you create a feel-good atmosphere. So, whichever area of your home needs an upgrade, here we’re with some great ideas to catch your eye!

Living Room

Whether you’re having a coffee and a catch up with friends or indulging in a quick nap on the sofa, your living room must feel super comfy in every way. Think plush softy velvet sofa, cuddly cushions, light-reflecting side tables with a minimal touch of accessories, each of these will create a warm ambience when team up together perfectly. Alongside, a geometric rug for centre would give your living room a new lease of life this season. What else could you ask for?!


Thinking bedrooms, it has to simply give a calming and relaxing feel. Since we spend most of our time snoozing and daydreaming about the moment, we’ll finally reunite with our pillows and duvets. It only makes sense why it has to be super inviting and comforting. A faux leather bed frame with artificial plants on the bedsides would create a calming atmosphere. And to invigorate your home instantly, a floral bedding set would pose a perfect idea. Also, a beautiful long mirror will add a touch of charm to your room.


The kitchen is the corner where you’ll find plenty of food and alcohol, which is why it has to be everyone’s favourite. From cooking to eating to brewing up and entertaining guests, it definitely deserves special treatment. New homes extending kitchens with dining rooms and lounges, spending time and money to make them look fabulous is now more important than ever. For an overhaul, you can add beautiful indoor lights, some earthy tones wallpaper, and obviously a wooden rectangular dining table. Moreover, a stylish storage solution will help you declutter all the extra stuff.

Garden or Porch

The first thing that greets you and your guest is obviously a porch or garden. And let’s admit this, we all know how important this first impression thing is! So, it should be as beautiful and welcoming as possible. It doesn’t matter whether you’re blessed with a big garden space or a small outdoor space. You can do plenty of things to make it feel homely in summer and even all year round. Hanging baskets, planters, and beautiful outdoor lights make a gorgeous addition to your garden. Also, you can create a special feel with wind chimes and doormats when you return home.

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