Outdoor Trends that Will be Big This Year

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Outdoor activities have increased this year, and so has the need for a comfy, private, well-equipped outdoor space. This means ambient lighting, a multifunctional kitchen, plants to add that extra oomph and fire pits for the warmth and, of course, S’mores! The popularity of outdoor living spaces is soaring as many people are pursuing more sustainable lifestyles and seeking to achieve better health, both mentally and physically, from home. Whether it’s a spot for hangouts with loved ones, a private patio with plenty of shade, or a place to excel in cooking skills, outdoor living this year is synonymous with time well spent at home.

Below you’ll find few outdoor living trends meticulously articulated for all the garden-savvy peeps to inspire you to start your no-fuss outdoor living projects. Scroll down to know more!

Outdoor Kitchens

Isolation has taught cooking to a lot of people, even to those who couldn’t even fry an egg! Outdoor Kitchen is the newest trend to watch out for, this year! Imagine learning how to cook outdoors, it would definitely let you enjoy every bit of your time in the kitchen. An outdoor kitchen also comes with a bunch of perks such as, grills and pizza ovens, to supplement the main interior kitchen. All in all, outdoor seating is for sure something you need to incorporate in your backyard to complete al fresco meals.

Fire Pits

Fire pits are a major trend this year, and we’re seeing it trending in the coming years as well! This year, it was so in demand that most major retailers were seemingly sold out, can you imagine? Whether built-in or freestanding, they’re trending all the way. According to many brokers, these accessories are ideal for getting groups outside and are perfect for a reunion of friends and family.


While plants have been a significant trend for both outdoor and indoor spaces, it seems that they’re gaining popularity by the minute! The main reason for its demand is to integrate greenery and nature into other aspects of design. If you are having trouble growing grass in your backyard or patio, you should really invest in faux grass! It’s so easy to manage, and it installs in a matter of minutes. All in all, greenery really light up any nook without even having too much done to it.

Outdoor Lighting

Speaking of outdoor lighting, It is expected to see the rise in outdoor entertaining and people’s newfound love for natural beauty this year. It will lead more people to invest and prioritize attractive, functional outdoor lighting options. When it comes to setting the mood in any space, lighting is of utmost importance. Downlights, Pendant lights, Recessed lights, the possibilities are endless while choosing the perfect one for your backyard, balcony or patio. Not only outdoor lighting makes your house look beautiful, but they’re also essential for safety purpose.

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