5 Sterling Ideas for Decorating your Studio Apartment!

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Huge houses are extravagant for sure, but that doesn’t mean small houses are any less! Have you ever wondered how charming a 1BHK or a studio apartment is? It’s a tiny place of your own where you can unwind after a long day and take in all the peace from your surroundings. However, it is only possible if you’ve maintained your house well and haven’t turned it into a place with a mess all around. Well, there are countless ways to deck up your little homes and make them much more enticing than those two storey giant bungalows. We’ve brought to you a few from them that you can conveniently incorporate at your places. Take a look.

Make it More Like a Hotel Room

Everyone loves staying in a hotel room. The clean interiors and everything within easy reach are definitely adored by most of us. If it’s so hyped, why not set up your studio apartment just like a hotel suite! Place a king-size bed in the middle with a flat screen on the front wall and an array of storage cabinets under it. You can also make a minibar or a coffee station by the window and keep a chair or two near it. Don’t forget a tiny kitchenette, a wall cupboard and some framed paintings for the aesthetic vibe.

A Lofty Bedroom

If you’re not really satisfied with the space in your house but can’t just leave your apartment either, we’ve got you a way. In case you live in a house that has high ceilings, you can make a lofty bedroom to spare some space under it. Build a narrow staircase on the side and set up a cosy little bedroom on the top. You’ll be left with great space underneath where you can keep a writing table, dining table, sofas, or do whatever you want with it.

Use Curtains as Dividers

A studio apartment sure gives you all cuddled up feelings, but it leaves you with just a single room to adjust all your stuff in! However, if you really want a separate portion or more than one room, you can simply create it with a curtain. Create a partition in the room with a long curtain and make a sitting area with gorgeous sofas. You can certainly use sliding glass doors as well for the purpose, but it’ll be costly and a bit inconvenient to install them. So, curtains can be your best buddies in adding up some privacy!

Double-Duty Furniture

Double duty furniture is one of the finest solutions for small homes! It saves you space and serves you for more than one purpose. There are hundreds of furniture pieces available in the market from this category. You can fetch a sofa cum bed, storage ottomans, storage beds, trunk tables, and many more. Buy the perfect ones that fit your apartment just the right way and make it emit a pleasant feeling.

Put Mirrors to Play

Mirrors are a great strategy to make your tiny rooms a little bigger! It works wonders and gives your place an illusion of depth. You can use mirrors in hundreds of amazing ways and feel your rooms more open and larger. Put a huge mirror behind your sofas and other furniture, behind the shelves, above a chest of drawers and multiple other places to make it gleam. You can even make a mirror gallery or dedicate an entire wall to them. In short, mirrors are the greatest hack for your studio apartments to seem bigger!

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