Warm-up your Soul with Hearty Grubs

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Having a devouring hearty grub to satisfy and warm up your soul is nothing less than a treat. Especially during colder days and dry nights, when our bodies require more energy than usual. Keeping ourselves warm becomes a little more challenging than regular. Think mouth-watering filling pies, delicious broths and chunky stews. Indulging in heavy carb foods might give a pang of guilt, but as long as the food you’re eating is nutritionally balanced, there’s nothing to feel unduly guilt about.

We know those sky-high piles of chocolate boxes spilling through the supermarkets and mountains of mince pies won’t let you ignore their charm. Well, to help you enjoy winter meals without making you consume heavy carbs, here in this blog, we have shared some top winter meal ideas for you to enjoy with your family. Have a look!

Lancashire Cheese & Onion Pie

You definitely have heard that the simplest meals are the best. This Lancashire cheese & onion pie is inspired by a recipe passed through generations. It’s a hearty dish that you just can’t beat. With just eleven most simple and daily used ingredients like salt, butter, onion, you’re promised a mouth-watering meal for the winter feast. For added flavour, you can serve your pie with chunky chips and baked beans.

The Smoky Mexican Quinoa Soap

If Mexican cuisine is your thing, then this Smoky Mexican Quinoa Soap is the best one for you. Delicious and easy to make, this stew offers a taste of sensation with every spoonful. Bursting with flavours and served with tortilla, it will hardly take 30 minutes and promise you a wonderfully light, healthy and nutritious meal. With a fun Mexican twist, you’ll be enjoying a dish packed with tangy lime juice, a hint of spices like chilli powder and jalapeno.

Vegan Nut Roast with Tahini Gravy

This Vegan nut roast with tahini gravy dish is absolutely bursting with nutrition. Every single product used in the making offers high protein. The crunchy nuts, toasted bread crumbs, and garlic all together bring a taste that will keep you hooked till the last bite of the dish. It is completely loaded with goodness, and you can also add carrots to the top for a delightful finishing touch.

Butter Chicken Curry

This rich and creamy chicken curry is sure to leave your mouth watering. It’s kind of similar to chicken tikka masala prepared in spiced tomato, butter and cream sauce. You can have it with naan and dollops of mango chutney; this spicy dish will give you a yummy spicy ride while keeping all those pesky germs at bay. And the best part of this dish is that it tastes just the same delicious after a couple of days later.

Vegan Chili Con Carne

This scrumptious vegan chilli con Carne is perfect for giving yourself and your guests the gift of great flavour. It’s a Mexican classic bursting with mouth-watering flavour, wholesome, luscious and easy to make. Serve it with a side of sour cream and fresh guacamole for full flavour and maximum satisfaction.

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