Delicacies of Victorian Era

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The Victorian Era was named for Queen’s reign in the United Kingdom. It was a time of ever-changing trends, with scientific discoveries, medical knowledge and key advancements in medicine, engineering, art, literature, and, of course, food! When it comes to food, the story is not as different as one might think! It may be a shocker to a lot of people, but many of the recipes, meals, kitchen conventions, products, and even meal formats we take for granted were novelties brought about by the Victorians.

Though some of the 1800s foods aren’t likely to make a whopping comeback, many recipes are delicious, comforting, and most of all, easy to make at home. The Victorian era gave us so much, including a treasure trove of cakes and puddings that we still cherish today. From Sticky pudding and Lancashire HotPot to Victoria Sponge Cake, feast on this specially compiled collection of Victorian-style recipes that are fit for a Queen!

Lancashire HotPot

Back in the days, when people could no longer tend to their stews as they worked at home, Hot Pots, or slow-cooking meals that could be in the oven for hours, became more commonplace. Like many other hot pot variations, Lancashire HotPot became popular and rightly so! It tastes divine! It was traditionally made with mutton, but it’s been made with lamb in the last century. Lamb cooked to perfection melts away in your mouth, leaving your taste buds wanting more! You can top it with golden potatoes or baked pastry. The crunch at the top is something to die for! This recipe should be on everybody’s kitchen menu! It’s that good!

Victoria Sponge Cake

The victorian era is incomplete without Victoria Sponge Cake! In 1843 Alfred Bird, a food manufacturer from England, invented the baking powder, which was the magic ingredient in baking, of course! It allowed cakes to rise to a height and helped to make them lighter, fluffier and more aired cakes. The Victoria Sponge, sometimes called Victoria Sandwich Cake, was then created as a celebration for Queen Victoria, who enjoyed eating cake with jam at her afternoon tea time. Victoria Sponge Cake never really went off the radar because people love and crave this cake to this day. It is a popular treat, and the recipe is easy to make. Try and whip up this delicious royal cream and jam-filled teacake. Enjoy!

Spongy Fruit Pudding

Dried fruit pudding was very popular among Victorians, and probably the most popular recipe of them all is the good’ol “Spongy Fruit Pudding”. A spongy pudding, traditionally made with raisins and suet, this mouth-watering delicious pudding is often served with cream, custard and, more recently, with a nice dollop of ice cream. This spongy fruit pudding has the citrusy zing of orange zest, and it is steamed to perfection. If you are a fan of light and delicious desserts, this one should go straight into your menu! Once you try this, there is no coming back! The chance of you serving this spongy pudding at every tea gathering is high, and the guests won’t be complaining either. Take a trip down the Victorian era with this delightful dessert.

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