5 Utterly Disgusting Foods People Actually Eat!

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Would you eat a plate of fried cockroaches for $1 million? Well, if someone were to really feed you some gross things for money, we bet they would have had a long list of options. And no, we’re not talking about eating just roaches, flies and bees; it’s a lot more! There are hundreds of disgusting dishes in the world that people lick their lips for where those exact delicacies might make you throw up on the other hand. Giving you a little more insight into these yecchy dishes, here’s a tiny chunk of them for you to go through. Take a look.

Casu Marzu - Maggot Cheese

We’ve always been the ones to ask for extra cheese on our pizzas! We wonder that would be the case if we knew about Casu Marzu being used at the place. Casu marzu is a special kind of cheese produced in Sardinia, an Italian island, by sheep milk. The catch is that it contains live maggots in it and these little creatures are exactly what makes the cheese so creamy. The flavour is quite intense and spicy, which lingers on your palate for hours. The delicacy can be one of those deadly foods that can kill you if the maggots enter the intestine alive as they cause myiasis and tiny perforations in your gut. 

Jibachi Senbei - Wasp Rice Snack

Don’t we all run away on a single sight of a wasp? Apparently, the people of the Omachi village in Japan aren’t afraid of them at all. In fact, they love to include the digger wasps in their diet and that too with a twist. The elderly wasp hunters in the village trap them and make Jibachi Senbei, the perfect snack, with the evening tea. First, they boil the wasps and dry them, after which they add the dried wasps to the cookie mix to make some sweet and savoury crackers.

Virgin Boy Eggs – Made with Pee

This one is the most disgusting dish we’ve come across until now! In Dongyang, China, Virgin Boy Eggs are cooked as the traditional dishes. The eggs are soaked and boiled in the urine of young boys under the age of 10 and are believed to contain plenty of health benefits. Buckets and buckets of urine are collected from the toilets of primary boys’ schools at the end of the day to prepare the snack. It takes an entire day for the process.  

Beating Cobra Heart

They literally eat a beating Cobra heart in Vietnam and Ukraine! You will find all kinds of dishes made up of snake meat, but ingesting a Cobra’s heart when it hasn’t even stopped beating yet is a whole another level. Locals catch snakes, kill them and drop their beating heart in rice wine to gulp it down at once without chewing it. It is believed that the heart brings you matchless virility and potency. Occasionally, the blood and bile of the snake are also mixed in the wine to try different versions.

Cuy – Fried Guinea Pig

Everybody loves crispy fried chicken for dinner! However, people in Peru replace the chicken with something else they love for their meals. It’s Guinea pigs! Yes, they fry those little animals and plate the perfectly crispy rodents to enjoy. Cuy, as the dish is called, tastes almost like chicken but with a bit of a fattier flavour. The most favourite part of them is the crispy head of the guinea pig for the people while the dish is served with corns, rice, salsas, potatoes and salads as sides.

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