5 Tiny Yet Dreamy Towns to Drop-By in the UK

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Have you ever wondered what your life could have been if you were born a few hundred years ago? No skyscraping buildings or 5-star hotels, no internet or video games and even no food delivery services! People were deprived of so many facilities back then; However, the small towns and villages they used to live in were indeed pretty. Apart from the lack of amenities, you can still experience the fascination of those little towns. The UK is known to be the home of such beautiful places where there are tiny cottages with little windows and blossoms just outside the main door. Just in case you’d like to explore these locations, we’ve jotted down a few of them that will definitely take your breath away!

Stanton, Cotswolds

If you really want to live as they did in the past, Stanton is your place to go! It’s a typical village from centuries ago where you will see ancient stone houses with athwart windows and steep roofs along the sides of a long main street. There has literally been no commercialization there except The Mount Pub, where you can eat, drink and enjoy the stunning view of the town. Also, there are still some houses from the 16th and 17th centuries in the area, along with a restored church and medieval cross. You can head here and get involved in horse riding, spend evenings in The Mount Pub and explore Guild House, the arts and crafts training centre.

Staithes, North Yorkshire

Staithes is the coastal town of North Yorkshire which holds an astounding appeal. You can explore beautiful cottages and pleasing alleys here, including the narrowest alley in the world, which is just 18 inches wide. This wonderful village is also home to great maritime heritage and sits on the Dinosaur Coast, where palaeontologists and other fans hunt for fossils. Besides being great for dinosaur adventures, this place makes you go rock pooling, fishing and much more. 

Castle Combe, Wiltshire

Castle Combe is addressed as the prettiest village in the world; visit it once, and you won’t be able to deny it. Talking about the fascinating aura of this place, it has a church from the 13th century where you can see the oldest working clock in the world. Besides this, you will also find a number of pubs in the area and a lavish hotel. Stroll around the town, and you’ll see locals selling homemade sweets, cakes and fresh flowers outside their homes. This breathtaking village is undoubtedly heaven on earth!

Rye, East Sussex

Crammed with a historic charm, Rye is an enchanting town in East Sussex. The olden days of this village tell countless tales of maritime conflicts and smuggling. Here, you can explore the lush grasslands, take a walk on the Camber Sands, discover antique shops, visit pubs, eat at contemporary restaurants and do much more. Staying in the neat and modern hotels here, you’d never want to go back home, and neither you’ll ever be able to have enough of this magical town’s enchant.

Burford, Oxfordshire

Burford is also a centuries-old village in Oxfordshire, referred to as the “Gateway to the Cotswold”. From ancient stone homes to the medieval bridge and historic buildings to fine churches, there’s everything here that you might want to see in an English village. There are a variety of places to eat in this town along with some amazing museums to pay a visit to. Moreover, you can also have a great time at the wildlife park in this town and experience spending a while with a bunch of animals.

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