5 instagramtastic locations in turkey to get the perfect click!

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Turkey! A place in the European union filled with such rich history and some even more stunning tourist attractions. Even if you had a month to scower the place for beautiful attractions even after that month your search still wouldn’t be complete. And it’s not an overestimation by far because there are so many hidden treasures in this place that some even haven’t laid eyes on yet. But enough about the country, let’s talk about what you are truly here for, and that is to find the locations where you can get the perfect click for your Instagram account. Well, you’re in luck because below we have list down the perfect places to get that perfect click that would help you Instagram account blew up during your visit to turkey.

Aya Sofia Museum (Hagia Sophia)

Renowned as one of the most beautiful buildings in the world this should be your first stop in Istanbul, Turkey. An exterior covered with beautiful minarets, and an interior consisting of caverns, and tapestry reminding one of the old ottoman empires, this place is full to the brim with amazing locations to get the perfect click.


You think Greece has got all the monuments, and mythological history then wait till you lay your eyes on the spectacular monuments of Ephesus. Filled with rocky structures that show the glory of the roman empire this place is not only a great tourist attraction but is also a place where when dawn breaks amazing pictures can be taken.


Cliff ridges, hill crests, and home to amazing panoramic rocks shaped in the form of waves Cappadocia, Turkey is one of the most beautiful places in the country. It’s a place that every photographer dream of because one can get endless shots in this single place entirely. From day break to day end witness the beauty of Cappadocia with your eyes and take the perfect shot from either the ground or take a ride on a hot air balloon to capture the beauty of this place from high above the sky.

Pamukkale (Cotton Castle)

Consider as one of the most famous natural wonder in turkey the Pamukkale city is named after the beautiful white travertine terraces of Pamukkale (cotton castle). The place gives of a look that indicates of a great mountain place that’s covered in and out of snow surrounded by lush green forests. For the best pictures to be taken at this place visit at dusk when the sun starts to sit below the horizon. At that specific time that travertines become to shine resulting in a most aesthetically pleasing click like the auras of Norway.



After only a short journey from Fethiye, Turkey’s most famous beach lies a place with Turquoise blue water, vast lush greenery, and cliffs with a breathtaking view of the entire scenery. Ölüdeniz can be the perfect last spot to take some truly breath defying pictures for your account. Not only is the place filled with nature but also has an amazing aura to it that helps resets one’s cycle and help them get back in touch with nature. 

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