Bermuda Triangle; A Slice of Ocean with Fearsome Reputation

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A span of the ocean that holds a fearsome reputation, located right off the south coast of the United States, the Bermuda Triangle it is. Some call it The Devil’s Triangle, while others have referred to is Limbo of the Lost or the Hoodoo Sea. But for many, it is the Bermuda Triangle. This stretch of water in the Atlantic Ocean is famous for swallowing ships and vanishing planes. The Harrowing patch of ocean is where the sailors and pilots are prone to lose contact with the natural world and disappear forever. Though the exact number is not confirmed, at least 50 ships and almost 20 planes have often gone missing without any trace.

Unexplained disappearances of cargo ships and planes have proposed multiple stories. Possible causes for the catastrophes have been proposed over time, ranging from the paranormal, electromagnetic interference that causes compass problems, alien kidnapping, unsettling weather conditions, the gulf stream, and large undersea fields of methane. Lately, a new argument stems from the science channel where a pair of meteorologists shares satellite imagery that shows hexagonal-shaped clouds on the east side, which could be the cause of some of the mysteries plaguing the triangle that connects Bermuda, Florida and Puerto Rico.

It is no surprise that the Bermuda triangle has become a subject of countless myths, conspiracies and legends. We have broken down some of the biggest ones for your insight. Take a look!

Honeycomb Clouds

Recently, meteorologists have discovered that honeycomb cloud configurations could be the reason that has led to the disappearances of planes and boats in the notorious region famous as the Bermuda triangle. They shared satellite imagery that displays hexagonal-shaped clouds on the east side of the Atlantic Ocean. These hexagonal shapes over the ocean are like “air bombs” which are formed by what is called a microburst. They make their way from the bottom of the clouds and hit the ocean, creating waves that can sometimes be massive if they bump into each other. It causes sea level winds of almost 100 mph and waves over 45 feet. Any boat or even plane couldn’t avoid crashing in this kind of inclement weather.

Undersea Methane Gas

We all definitely have heard that the ocean floor in the region contains large pockets of gas that could turn the ocean into a frothy soup that swallows ships. Planes being disappeared, and ships sinking could be due to massive bubbles released from undersea methane deposits. Also, it is said that this could potentially occur in just mere seconds leaving no time to allow those onboard people to radio for help or abandon ship.


Who doesn’t know about waterspouts? They are basically tornadoes in the ocean. Water from the ocean sucked hundreds or thousands of feet into the air. Alongside, a part of the gulf stream led to high waves which could easily capsize boats. Without any warning, these waves can hit and could be hundreds of feet high. Not only ships, but such high waves can also knock out planes that were flying closer to the water.

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