Send your Condolences with these Thoughtful Gifts!

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Nothing hurt more than losing a family member, a friend or any dear one. It’s one of those very few things in life that can shake your world, and while everyone grieves differently, there is no timeline or last date to grief. However, the mourning process becomes less difficult knowing that you’re loved, supported and not alone. But it can be hard to think of the right gestures or words to express someone who’s grieving. Sometimes something as simple as kinds works, small gestures or presents can let your loved one know that you want them to stay happy and healthy and you’re always by their side no matter what.

Though it may be uncomfortable, condolence gifts can act as a distraction when everything feels particularly dark and overwhelming. Not knowing what to say is completely normal. Everyone is different and overcome the mourning process in their own way. To help you express to someone who’s struggling that you care, we’ve compiled a few sympathy gifts. Have a look!

Amethyst Bead Bracelet

There’s a belief that amethyst stone offers healing properties. It’s long been a symbol of emotional and spiritual protection, known as removing stressful energies and stimulating the mind's serenity. Whether if it's true or not, this pretty purple beads bracelet poses a perfect idea. It reminds those grieving that they’re loved and cherished.

Kind Notes Gift Jar 

There’s nothing wrong to feel low or down some days, especially during the grieving process when things as small as eating seems like a hell of a task. Sending a jar filled with sympathy messages could help someone lift back up. Reading those notes can bring a smile to their face and encourage them to keep going. We all know there’s no cure to grief, but these sincerely thought-provoking and kind messages can certainly help.

Cook A Meal 

There’s a reason why people bring casseroles to someone who has just lost a loved one. It’s quite impossible to find time and energy to cook or eat when dealing with a whole lot of pain. So, preparing a meal and feeding them with love would make them feel that you really care for them and will not leave them in hard times.

White Flower Bouquet

When it comes to a classic sympathy gift, a white flower bouquet comes to mind first. Especially white flowers are often used to symbolize mourning. When the recipient receives a bouquet at their door, they’ll be glad to know that you were thinking of them. Also, make sure to leave a small card you’re your name and message on it.

Personalized Letter Blanket

If grieving is hitting extra hard, then laying in the bed and wrapping yourself with a blanket full of kind words would definitely help. This personalized blanket holds a letter worth of words turned into a comfy fabric for snuggling. It will act like a hug from your side. The person who’s grieving will wrap themselves in a beautiful message sent by you.

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