5 Much Better Ways to Gift Flowers!

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The soft petals of a flower and the fascinating scent they spread in the air are enough to set you in a pleasant mood! Fresh flowers truly have an enticing impact on your mental health where they just soothe your soul and make it all refreshing. And maybe this is why a lot of people go for blooms as gifts on special occasions! But don't you feel it's kind of mainstream now? Flowers are mesmerizing, but there should be other ways to gift them. Well, we've got you a bunch of options that have flowers in them one way or another. Get a glimpse of them below. 

Eternity Roses

Seeing our favourite flowers die is such a heartbreaking sight! What if we tell you that they can live for years? We are talking about Eternity flowers here, especially roses. These flowers last for years without water and sunlight. Professionals cut the blooms when they are at their most beautiful stage and put them into a mix of glycerine and other plant-based natural elements. It takes a few fays to preserve these pretty roses, after which they're ready to sell. A box of these everlasting blooms can be one of the best presents one can ever think of!

Flowering Tea

In case you've got a special someone, who loves both tea and flowers, there can't be a better gift than flowering tea for them. It's an artful and elegant innovation in the world of beverages! What you get in the pack of a flowering tea is a bundle of dried tea leaves that are wrapped around some tiny dried flowers, forming a bulb. This bulb then spread out in a fully blooming flower as you pour boiling water over it. Isn't it just beautiful? From unlimited health benefits to some enthralling aesthetics, you get it all in it! 

Pressed flower stuff

Have you ever kept a flower in a book? A flower that someone special gave you, and now whenever you open that book, all the beautiful memories come running back to you! Besides counting on your memories, you can actually use this as a keepsake present. There are hundreds of products available now that are made from pressed flowers. You can even use the flowers you've kept safe for a long time to make different stuff. From coasters, trays, jewellery, lanterns, and greeting cards to anything that comes to your mind, it's all possible! 

Flower Soaps & Candles

Some of the most aesthetic products made out of dried flowers are soaps and candles! Besides, they would also make up to be amazing presents for your loved ones. From lavender buds to crushed rose petals, you can look for many dried flowers to add to the soaps. Also, you can fetch some scented candles that have flowers peeking through their jars as lasting and aromatic gifts. To go a little over the top, you can make a combo of flower soaps and candles and make a perfect gift!

Flower Growing Kit

Rather than gifting a bouquet that would dry out in a day or two, how about making your beloveds grow their fav flowers themselves? For that, you can go for a flower growing kit that you'll easily find on any online store or a nursery. Whether you go for a pre-planted flower pot or a kit where you get all the material for DIY, both would look amazing. You can opt for sunflowers, zinnia, marigold, English daisies, pansy, geranium and many more blooms from the available kits.

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