5 Gift Box Ideas to Blow Away Your Loved Ones!

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As your birthday draws near, don't you secretly wish to get lots of presents? Of course, you do; who doesn't like being showered with love and gifts and all the good wishes! But sometimes, people run out of ideas for getting the best ever giveaways for their loved ones. For that, a little bundle of presents might do better than the single ones. We've come up with a list of some amazing gift box ideas to go for and bring a big wide smile to the faces you love. Take a look.

Coffee Cookie Box

This one goes out to everybody out there because we don't think anybody would say no to cookies and a big mug of coffee! A cookie and coffee gift box can be an outstanding treat for someone's big day that wouldn't be anything like the other ones. Get a big jar of grounded coffee or roasted coffee beans and pair it with some assorted cookies in different flavours. Let them binge eat the sweet delights!

Home Décor Box

If you know your friend loves decorating their home, how about you do it for them this time? This is exactly our idea for the next gift box. You can make a customized home box containing a cluster of things to deck up their space. Play around with home textiles and get throws, rugs, tiny towels with pretty prints on them or assemble some décor pieces in a box. You can also include some showpieces, candle holders, wall hangings and more. Explore as many options you want and mix & match them for an astounding box! 

Mixed Wine Box

Want to add up to the little bars in their homes? A wine box is a damn good idea for that! You can curate a set of wines from popular places and in different flavours to bring them together in a single box. From red wines to white ones and even champagnes, the variety is abundant at the stores. To pour in a little more effort, you can add some drinkware in the box for your dear ones to enjoy.

Self-Care Subscription Box

No one ever said that you couldn't buy a gift for yourself! In case you really want to spoil yourself, buy a self-care subscription box as a treat. The best part of it is that you won't stop getting presents for yourself unless you hit the unsubscribe button. Now, there are hundreds of choices to pick from. Go for a skincare box that you get each month filled up with different scrubs and masks, or opt for fragrance boxes that come with tiny bottles to last a month. Just give it a go and make it all about yourself this time!

Cosy Gift Box

The soft feel of a furry sweater and a beanie is such an excitement to all who love winters! And this brings you the Cozy gift box to consider as a present. It can be a great winter basket containing a sweater, socks, beanie, gloves and a muffler; you can add or subtract items as per your wish and budget. Besides, you can also top it off with a coffee box and give out full winter feels!

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