5 portable gadgets you should always have at hand!

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In today’s world, electronic items have become a necessity that we all must have. Our daily life cannot function without using certain things, and we will all admit this fact. Humans of today are completely dominated by technology, and there’s no changing this fact. Nowadays, once couldn’t even possibly leave their home without their smartphone, and once they do, they start to panic because they aren’t used to living without it anymore. In a way, technology controls our lives, but if we look at it from another perspective, it’s also the thing that has saved us and helped us grow even more as a race.

Aside from smartphones, there are plenty of other items that one might need to function in their day to day live items that one might not even have an idea of, exist under such affordable price, and well, this brings us to the topic at hand. A topic consisting of 5 amazing portable gadgets that people should always have at hand. So, without further ado, let’s introduce you to the items that are a must-have in today’s world while you go out.

TILE MATE ITEM FINDER                                    

Starting our list of portable items to have at hand with a tracker is a must. Because, as the sizes of the needed item become more concise, losing them also becomes an issue. And the only way to fix this issue at hand is with a tile mate tracker that will help one track their missing portable item and make it ring and vibrate with a click of the button from your smartphone if the said item gets lost somewhere. So, having a tile mate finder is a must on your list of things to carry around!


Another tremendous handy item on our list is the Anker Power Core 10,000 MAH power bank because this beast packs quite an electrifying punch that your devices need to get that boost while you’re away from home on a trip or any place outdoor. Anker Power bank is absolutely the perfect thing to have at hand during the time of power outs. It’s not only compact but is also quite durable. And if all that wasn’t enough, it’s also pretty reasonable in price.


If you’re the type of person who absolutely cannot live without their music, then Panasonic's handy gadget is perfect. With smooth and crisp sound coming out of the speakers in your ear, and with all the other sound outside, cut-out entirely so you can immerse yourself in music while travelling, $11 is a short price to pay. So, as far as portable gadgets go, the Panasonic earbuds are a must to have!


Don’t like the idea of wires hanging out from your ears then don’t worry, we got you covered in that department as well mentioned above were the Panasonic ergofit ear buds, but! Mentioned below is something new and trendy. Gone are the days of bulky Bluetooth devices nowadays they can fit in the center of your pinch. The J-Lab Bluetooth air buds are here to stay, the sound quality and noise cancellation is on another level with these bad boys, and the price well let’s just say that some costs are easily manageable when the product you get in return is absolutely marvelous.


With so many amazing handy gadgets mentioned above the last one should be of the utmost essential, don’t you think? Well, we think that as well which is why the last item is none other than a Tesla Coil Rechargeable Lighter that puts a whole new spin while lighting your cigarettes. Unlike your Zippos, and other fluid lighters this bad boy never runs out of juice. Instead of walking around with highly flammable lighter fluid in your pockets choosing the Tesla Coil will be a step up. Because all you have to do is charge it for a while and you’ll be good to go for days. 

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