Most Dangerous Sports in the World That Can Kill You!

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How often have you thought about jumping off a cliff when on a trip? You can’t just go on a vacation and not be adventurous! Apart from these occasional adventure sports, some people make a living through it. These athletes that put their lives at stake every single day, actually love these dangerous sports and the rush they get from them. However, you cannot overlook the fact that there are some of the most dangerous sports played in the world where numerous players lose their lives. Here are a few of these sports that can easily kill.

Base Jumping

Base jumping is considered the most dangerous sport in the world with its skyrocketing death count. The sports basically counts in jumping off high spaces, including buildings, structures, mountains and more, where the jumpers use parachutes to land safely. In case of any technical problem where the parachute fails to open or if the person lands somewhere they’re not supposed to, it can be a serious threat to their lives. The statistics show that 1 in 2,317 jumpers die while engaging in the activity!


Fighting animals, that too the extremely powerful and huge ones, can strike the terror in you. Well, Bullfighting is an actual controversial sport in Spain and some other countries, which has injured and killed dozens of fighters until now. There are even specialized surgeons in the country that treat horn wounds. And not just fighters, but bulls too are killed in this sports where the matadors are supposed to stab and kill them to win. Nonetheless, if a man suffers a horn injury, it can be a major trauma and result in death.

High Wave Surfing

As much as many people love the calm in an ocean, some enjoy the opposite. There are surfers who are fans of waves that are at least 20 feet high and are eager to glide right on top of them. These waves are super powerful and can easily wipe out a surfer, pushing them at least 50ft under the surface of the water and taking their lives.

High lining

Imagine yourself walking on a thin rope suspended between two buildings! Too scary? This is a real sport where athletes walk on tightropes suspended not just between buildings but sky-scraping cliffs. Most of the players have harnesses attached to them as they walk, but many go free solo, which has no harness attached. This terrifying activity can throw these athletes thousands of feet down with just a minor shift of focus.


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