Top 4 Sports Sneaker Brands in 2021

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If you ask us, it's a wonderful time to be alive, and there are a number of labels to thank for making it so. We are talking about the sneaker trend. These athletic sneakers aren't just for track and field anymore. You may dress them up with tailoring and wear them to work. Luxury sneakers, from Nike to Tom Ford and Gucci, have become an important component of any man's shoedrobe. Yes, they are pricey. However, you'll get a depth of craftsmanship and attention to detail that not every brand can't deliver. Every sneaker on our list has the potential to become your go-to sneakers. And yes, it is the money well spent.


The ongoing technical arms race between the world's biggest sportswear brands has resulted in some of the most daring footwear inventions. The German brand behind the famous three stripes began as a sportswear brand that has now grown into a lifestyle conglomerate. Adidas represents hip-hop icons, terrace favourites, and retro classics. Adidas revolutionized the footwear industry with their simple Stan Smith designs, which featured an all-white leather top and a colourful heel tab. Rather than relying on the archives, its forward-thinking approach to design keeps the output fresh and engaging.


The company has a long history of producing world-class performance footwear along with other technological advancements. Nike is the most popular footwear brand for both sport and fashion. You probably have a few pairs in your wardrobe. You must be doing something right when world-class athletes, drooling sneakerheads, and the general public alike are all wearing your sneakers, and Nike does it pretty well. The brand is so powerful that its sub-brands have created their own cult followings. Even if it occasionally misses the goal, Nike is always trying to push the limits of athletic footwear, whether through design advancements, shoe technology, marketing, brand collaborations, or other means.


In high school, you always knew someone who wore Vans. Vans began as a skating company in Anaheim and have always been famous for its high quality, simple designs and meager prices. Vans have proven their status as a stylish sneaker for every occasion, in addition to being a great choice for skateboarders. Their sturdy, attractive, and most importantly, inexpensive sneakers for skaters are admired all over the globe. When it comes to Vans, the Vans Old Skool, which debuted in 1977, is a must-have. To this day, it still gives skateboarding sneaker chic vibes.

Common Projects

Although Common Projects might be one of the newest brands on our list, but its reputation as an excellent minimalist trainer is well-deserved. The brand offers high and low tops in classic lace-up styles in neutral hues such as white, black, tan, tan, blue, and grey. On the other hand, their sleek, pared-down design can be paired with anything from jeans and a sweatshirt to tailored separates. Only a few brands can match this degree of adaptability, and Common Project is among those.

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