Products to Ensure your Feline Don’t Ruin Your Furniture!

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Returning home after a long tiring day and that sudden hug from your pet indeed gives you welcoming vibes. Having a four-legged friend around playing, scratching and showering love is the most beautiful thing. But no matter how much you love your cat, you never want them to mark their claws on your furniture. Even though it's natural and they have no secret plans to destroy your couch, keeping them at bay from the furniture is quite a task. Especially if your furry friend adores your furniture as much as you do, it definitely seems impossible to keep your furniture clean and scratch-free. Preventing your cat from practising such behaviour while offering them an attractive scratching alternative is what you need.

So, to protect your furniture from cat scratching, here we showcased a few best alternatives for you to give a try. Take a look!

Sofa-Scratcher Squared 

Furniture guard and scratcher in one, what else could you ask for? This Sofa-Scratcher squared is best to safeguard your furniture against even the most aggressive cat. Its sisal covered edges fit perfectly against a couch or chair, and cats will enjoy flexing their claws on it. They are created especially for squared corners of the sofas, and their sisal fabric is toxin-free. Simply place it, and you’ve got instant scratch protection.  

Scratching Post

Some cats prefer scratching vertically meanwhile some cats enjoy horizontal or both. Indeed, every cat has its own scratching preferences. Here the goal is not to punish your cat but to redirect it to another attractive alternative. A scratching post is more likely to satisfy the desire of cats to scratch vertically, while for those who scratch rugs and carpets, a horizontal pad would be perfect.

Clawguard Furniture Shields

Making the locations, they scratch less desirable is one of the best ways to keep them away from your furniture. A claw guard furniture shield can help you with that. Waterproof vinyl shields withstand sharp claws and take less than five minutes to install; they offer the most protection from scratching. Alongside protection, they last for months without needing to be replaced.

Double-Wide Floor Scratcher

Simple design, affordable and made from recycled materials, this double-wide floor scratcher can satisfy even timid cats. A floor scratcher that comes with a small bag of catnip is more likely to entice the feline. Another best thing about this floor scratcher is that you can recycle the pad and the frame when it's completely worn out.

Cat Nail Caps

Flexible vinyl and fits well to claws of medium size, these nail caps will allow your cat to scratch and use their paws naturally without damaging your furniture. If you want to prevent the damage without taking away a cat's ability to practice the innate behaviour of scratching, then these nail caps may be the relief your furniture needs.

Here all the products mentioned are best to protect furniture from cat scratching. You can consider any of them for your home as they are ideal for getting the job done.

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