Clever Tools for Keeping Canines Distracted

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Keeping your pets distracted while eating, bathing and nail trimming is quite a tall task. If you’re a parent to pets who feel a sense of doom every time you call them for a bath or someone who asks for more stimulation than normal pets. Then, we just have the right solution to offer. A licking mat is what can keep your pets busy and calm during such activities. From keeping bored dogs entertained to slowing down the canines who eat too fast, licking mats are an excellent option.

Whether your pets take a little longer in the bath than you’d like or want to hop on a conference call and need a good distraction, lick pads can help you with that. They are made from rubber or food-grade silicone. You just have to position the pad on the floor or wall wherever they can focus on licking the food from the mat. Here's our guide to keep you in the know about the best of all licking pads available out there.

Lick Mats for Anxious Dogs

Keeping anxious dogs occupied for long is not a piece of cake. The Hyper Pet IQ Calm Treat Mat exactly does that. It consists of tiny bristles and can be placed in the freezer for longer enjoyment. The mat helps soothe anxious dogs and provide just the right amount of soothing distraction during stressful times. Made from nontoxic food-grade material and is dishwasher safe, so cleaning is a cinch. Besides, it also supports dental health by scraping the bacteria from the tongue with each lick.

 The Multiuse Dog Lick Mat

The Mighty Paw Dog lick pad is perfect for entertaining, calming and challenging dogs. Generously sized at 9 by 5 inches and best for helping in common scenarios that dog owners encounter. From keeping them calm during a thunderstorm to slowing your dog down while brushing, this lick mat can be placed on a bathtub, floor or wall. It has four quadrants of different textures; one is for faster rewards, one for boredom busting, one for soothing and one for keeping a dog extra busy. It is designed with different textures to meet different needs and is dishwasher safe.

A Lick Mat for Bathing & Grooming

If your dog takes longer and stresses out during bath time or nail trimming, the Aquapaw Slow Treater lick pad would be an excellent option. It is a clever tool to keep dogs distracted while grooming and bathing time. With its suction cup backing, you can place it on the floor in the tub or in front of your dog to keep him happily occupied while grooming. You can spread soft foods like peanut butter, mashed banana, yoghurt and frozen food on it. Alongside, if your pet is on medication, you can also place pills within the contour’s along with the food.

There you have it; all these above-mentioned dog lick mats can be a lifesaver. Get one for yourself, as these are the great way to keep your four-legged friends distracted and calm.

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