Easy to Crack Yoga Poses at Home!

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Done with all the cleaning, tidying and familial responsibilities but still got some energy and spare time to spend. Then doing something new or more of what we love would be the best way to utilize it. And nothing could compare to the peace of mind that comes in the state of meditation. Relieving aches, lowering stress levels and building inner strength are some of the very best benefits of practising yoga. Maintaining health and encouraging self-healing is what yoga is best known for. All those conditions that can have a devastating effect on our minds and body, yoga can help to improve our wellbeing and achieve a more positive look on life.

Besides endless benefits attached with doing yoga, what else is best about it is that it's something we can take advantage of in the comfort of our homes. There are tons of different yoga poses that you can do right from the comfort of your own home with yoga mats. So, for all those feeling a little bit anxious, here in this blog, we’ve showcased a selection of very basic movements to ease you into things.


Chair Pose - AKA ‘Ukatasana’

Beginner, intermediate or advanced, chair pose is always best to start with. Relatively easy to crack, and once perfected, you’ll be getting endless health-boosting benefits that you’ll know in time for sure. Simply bend your knees while keeping your thighs parallel to the floor and raise your arms into the air. From toning the abs, elongating the back, and strengthening the upper thighs, Ukatasana is perfect and fairly simple for every yoga enthusiast to practice daily.

Mountain Pose - AKA ‘Tadasana’

This pose indeed is just as powerful and liberating as it looks. Aimed at removing those worrisome thoughts with improving postures and encouraging healthy breathing. The key to this pose lies in keeping your spine straight and holding your feet at hip-width apart. Lift your arms into the air and point your chin skywards. It's quite simple but very effective.

Downward Dog - AKA ‘Adho Mukha Svanasana’

Downward Dog - AKA ‘Adho Mukha Svanasana’ is best for strengthening your heels and calves. Also, enhance the body circulatory system and isn’t too tricky to master. Place your both hands and feet on the floor while keeping your knees and shoulder-width apart. You must get it right by maintaining your balance and spreading your hands and fingers apart for a stronger hold to reap its benefits. This pose will give your body an upside-down V shape.

Tree Pose - AKA Vrksasana

When it comes to being a multitasker in the world of yoga, Vrksasana is the perfect pose for you. However, it is the trickiest one on the list but holds countless benefits and is a great one to try at home. Not only it’s best for strengthening your spine, but it also works for your calves, thighs and ankles. Begin by positioning your body in the mountain pose, then arrange your hips in a front-facing position and pop the sole of your right foot firmly inside your left upper thigh. After striking the perfect balance, bring your hands upwards in a prayer pose.

There you have it; the best yoga poses to practice at home. There’s no rush to make these yoga postures perfect. Take your time, and you’ll nail them with time!

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