Tips for a Magical Morning Routine

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Have you ever had a morning where you snooze your alarm multiple times and wake up feeling groggy? Surely, we all have probably been there. Forcing ourselves out of bed and rushing to get ready has become a kind of our daily practice. And it's more than likely that we end up spending our entire day feeling out of alignment and not our best self. Starting your day on the right note set you up for a magical day ahead. Indeed, our morning routine sets the tone for the rest of the day.

Here we’re not convincing you to get up early at 5 AM, run 10 miles and have fresh juice. This blog is entirely based on a couple of tips you can follow to create a magical morning routine that works best for you and will help you embark on a fitness journey. Take a look!

Prepare for The Morning A Night Before

Making yourself prepared for the morning before you go to sleep isn’t silly at all. Whether it's about setting up your laptop for work or getting your clothes ready for the gym, getting things done earlier will help you approach the day in a calm and relaxed way. This will give you extra time in the morning, which can be utilized to focus on setting your desired tone.

Start your Day with Silence

Nothing could be better than starting off your day with peace and silence. It brings you nothing but a sense of calm and stillness. A few moments of stillness and silence in your morning routine can be so beneficial. Be it meditation, a walk with nature or repeating affirmations to yourself in bed, all will help you stay positive and fresh for the day ahead.

Pen Down Your Thoughts

We probably all have a day or two when we wake up with mental clutter, which stays with us the entire day and drain our energy. You can stop this. Get yourself a pen and paper or journal and pen down all your thoughts until they’re all out. Doing such an act will help you feel like you’re releasing them. And if writing isn’t your thing, you could take help from canvas or voice note them on an app or speak them aloud.

Less Screen Time

For many of us, checking our phones as soon as we wake up is often a natural reflex. But very few of us are aware of the fact that scrolling or reading can shape how we start our day. Here limiting your screen time and only going through your phone for important calls or messages would be the best bet. Once you’re done with your morning routine, only then scroll through the conversations or posts on social media. We know its quite difficult at first, but it makes a huge difference. Social media can wait for sure!

Keep in mind, doing what everyone else is doing or practising what you think you should be doing, both doesn’t promise you an effective morning routine. Figuring out what’s best for you and practising it in a way that feels right is what you need to do for a magical morning routine.

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