Shortage of Toys this Holiday Season!

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Santa’s Sleigh might be a little emptier this Holiday season as toymakers warn of emptier shelves and pricier toys. Every year Christmas arrives with a whole lot of toys under the Christmas tree. But this year it is going to be a bit different. An unprecedented global shipping crisis, labour shortage and rising costs have resulted in millions of dollars worth of products stuck in factories or in containers on the ship. These challenges are likely to limit the ability of retailers to use toys as holiday loss leaders to draw shoppers. Toy companies are dealing with the limited space in shipping containers, and supply chain issues are making it way difficult for retailers to secure stock for the holiday season.

Recently, some of the largest toymakers in the world sounded the alarm about the global shipping crisis and stated that they wouldn’t be able to keep the stores stocked throughout the fall holiday shopping season. They fear their supply chain woes and inflated prices may not let the children have their favourite toys on Christmas.

Some of the largest toymakers in the world stated that their companies could ship whatever they wanted, but this time it is way different from the past years. MGA International told the media that on a single shipping container, they are spending around $20,000 and that previously, this would have cost around $2,000. They needed to find a solution and decided to embrace the soft toys. When containers are hard to come by, the stuffed toys are likely to take up much less space and offer greater value for the same amount of volume.

As we all know that stuffed animals make perfect playtime companions. Babies and toddlers adore the plush toys and are well made to safely withstand endless love. Understanding the global shipping crisis and customer’s fall holiday demands, toymakers are pivoting to sell small, plush toys so they can fit more on board. The limited space available on shipping containers and the higher price of using them has made the toymakers focus on shipping squishy toys this holiday season.

Which Toys to Expect This Holiday Season?

The situation has become so dire that the supply chain experts have warned people to stock up early for the holidays and be prepared to spend more than previous years, particularly for the most in-demand items. Everyone will definitely be hearing the weeping children this holiday season which is why people are now shifting to early buying. The Christmas shopping season has already begun as the shoppers are expecting shortages. So, here are a few stuffed toys that you can find in the market to get for your little ones this Christmas.

Frankie the Flamingo

Little ones will love giggling and dancing with Frankie the flamingo. It comes with everything that you need to get in the mood of dancing. You’ll get three awesome songs to dance along to, including batteries.

Genius Funny Animated Christmas Dog

The little ones will adore a soft, squishy, genius funny animated Christmas dog. And there’s no better time than Christmas to have a cuddly toy to snuggle up to in those cold months.

Olaf Snowman Christmas Toy

A soft toy is perfect to comfort babies, and all the kids will surely love the Olaf snowman Christmas toy. It looks not only cute but also perfect for cuddling with.

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